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Who We Are?

Meet Jimmy, our founder. Jimmy's love of food was sparked in his youth while helping out in the family restaurant at the age of 10, and watching his father cooking for customers in the kitchen. He has extensive experience in the restaurant and food industry combined with an extensive know-how in restaurant management, and is all the assurance you need to experience authentically-crafted Mediterranean flavours from your kitchen.

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Restaurant Industry

Jimmy will settle for nothing less than being the absolute best in the field. He strives for that daily, working relentlessly to stay miles ahead of anyone else in the food and restaurant industry. After years of experience in this industry, he has undoubtedly developed an extensive collage of knowledge, techniques, understanding and experience.

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Introducing Victoria, Co-Founder

Meet Victoria, Wife of Jimmy, the visionary behind Culina Domus. She's the driving force behind our pursuit of excellence and her passion for Mediterranean flavours and ingredients inspired the creation of our delicious dressings and drizzles.

Victoria has a keen palate and a natural talent for combining and bringing the best flavours out of ingredients, making her the perfect co-founder for our business. After working together with Jimmy in the restaurant industry and operating 2  restaurants, both tired of those long hours and Jimmy having 2 hernia operations and a total knee replacement it was time for a change to work on somthing that will excite them both. Victoria came up with the idea to create a line of dressings for sale to the public during their special anniversary dinner.

Her unwavering conviction that Jimmy's Dressings were amazing as she explained during dessert, set the foundation for what is now Culina Domus. With her unrivalled passion and a discerning palate, Victoria is an integral part of our team, helping to bring the best of Mediterranean flavours to your kitchen.

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The family has a long history in the restaurant industry ranging from fast-food restaurants to full-scale dining establishments. Jimmy has been involved in the restaurant family business for many years, making him your go-to expert for Mediterranean flavours that captivate.

Aside from this, he has been very active in a range of businesses in the restaurant sector from food preparation services, restaurant design and consulting, menu selection, recipe development and restaurant layout. Parallel to this, Jimmy has owned and operated his own variety of restaurants.

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The craving for flavour

We all love a good burst of flavours, enveloping our taste buds with nothing but goodness. Our mission here at Culina Domus is to be a household name for Mediterranean flavours you can enjoy anytime you want.

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Execution... Gathering the best.

For years we have worked with these spices, ingredients, and techniques. And now, we are ready to share them with you. Available for you to purchase to satisfy your cravings for flavour whenever you want.

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Ready to launch

The purity of the dressings comes down to the freshness of the ingredients we use. Expect that when you purchase from us, you’re working with experts in the field who are out to give you a food experience you’ll never forget.

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To be continued...

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